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Title: Experimental analysis of two reinforcement systems in reinforced concrete beams submitted to bending

Author(s): Sirvent Casanova, I.; Juan de la Cruz, M.; Parrés García, A.; Ayús y Rubio, M.

Publication: ACHE

Volume: 42

Issue: 179

Appears on pages(s): 37 - 70



Date: 1/3/1991

The fact that during the execution of a concrete building a series of resistant and dimensional alterations are generated with respect the resistant conditions of a structure in general or part of it should be improved. There are several works and investigations related to the improvement of structural parts of reinforced concrete. While some of them are based in increasings of the piece section, others are based in stuck metal plates disposition and to insert reinforcing bars inside the piece, so that not producing dimensional alterations in original sections. Considerations of aesthetic type, economical, funcitional, durability, inaccessibility, etc., make necessary the existence of different choices related to the possibility of undertaking a reinforcing or improving work. The work we show is referred to two types of reinforcing of beams, so that in any case the edge of the original pieces is not altered, having considered that the reinforcing ecission has been originated by two different cirumstances, low strength in the concrete and low quality in the steel. In the tests that we have carried out, we managed to verify the following aspect. In some cases, the strong capacity of the original model piece has been completely returned. In others, we only have managed to improve it. We have been able to determine in what circumstances and for what reasons fails have been produced in the accurate conduct of the reinforced pieces and why determined actuations, as superfluous, have showed low incidence, or collaboration with respect the obtained improving. In conclusión, we have tried to bring other options, that without doubt, will contruibute to the enlargement of the field of chances guided to the restitution of the resistant capacity of a concrete piece.

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