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Title: Gor river Bridge

Author(s): Ayala, E,J.; Creus, J.M.

Publication: ACHE

Volume: 45

Issue: 192

Appears on pages(s): 107 - 116



Date: 1/5/1994

The Gor River Bridge is located in the A.92 Highway, between Guadix and Baza cities. It crosses the walley 85 m high. Different alternates were compares at the preliminary studies. A segmental prestressed concrete box girder bridge was finally selected. Twin decks of 600 m radius, with 3,50 m depth, were launched from an abutment. A forward steel nose was used. Total length of the bridge is 388 m, divided into 6 internal spans of 52 m and end spans of 38 m. This paper deals with the most interesting aspects of the preliminary studies, final design and construction of the bridge, with particular incidence on singularities.

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