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Title: Bond between ribbed bars and steel fiber reinforced concrete

Author(s): Rodríguez Santiago, J.; Ortega Basagoiti, L.M.; Fernández Cánovas, M.

Publication: ACHE

Volume: 43

Issue: 183

Appears on pages(s): 27 - 34



Date: 1/3/1992

The maximum value of bond stress between the concrete and the ribbed bars, placed near the surface, is produced when the splitting of the concrete cover is reached. Consequently, the concrete reinforced by steel fibers should improve the bond between this material and the reinforcing bars, since the fibers increase the concrete tensile strength. This paper summarizes the research carried out to study such improvement, using a modified pull-out test with which the bond stress value was obtained in the four bars placed near the corners of each specimen. The results have shown the bond improvement in the fiber reinforced concrete (FRC) and the necessity of introducing some modifications in the formula of Tepfers and Eligehausen models in order to be applied to FRC.

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