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Title: Limit state of cracking assessment according to Spanish Instruction EH-91, Model Code CEB-FIP 1990 and Eurocode EC-2. Comparative Study

Author(s): Alonso Durá, A.; Perepérez Ventura, B.; Barberá Ortega, E.; Benlloch Marco, J.; Valcuende Payá, M.; González Pérez, G.

Publication: ACHE

Volume: 44

Issue: 189

Appears on pages(s): 23-Nov



Date: 1/8/1993

The Model Code 1978 meant an important advance in the Limit State of Cracking assessment, reflected in the Instructions EH-88 and EH-91, which basically assembled this method. Later, with the purpose that different tests responded to just one approach, conveniently justified from a theorical point of view, an evolution developed, that at the moment, has become more definite in the design methods of characteristic crack width proposed in the Model Code CEB-FIP 1990 and EC-2. In this paper, the basis and development of the aforementioned methods are analyzed, establishing comparisons among them.

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