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Title: Nonlinear seismic building's design. Comparison with the spanish code PDS-1

Author(s): Matallana, L.; Sanmartín, A.

Publication: ACHE

Volume: 42

Issue: 179

Appears on pages(s): 20-Sep



Date: 1/3/1991

The modern seismic building's design contemplate the possibility of nonlinear begaviour of materials, in order to achieve security and economy. The reinforced concrete characteristic to produce plastics strains without to reach the collapse is a way enough secure to absotb the energy beared during the earthquake. In this report we present a nonlinear seismic building's design method that permit the devlopment of plastics hinges in the beam-column joints. We suppose a linear begaviour of columns. The seismic action are samples of artificial accelerograms constructed on the basis of a random filtered nonstationary shot noise process, in agreement with the method of PENZIENRUIZ. We compare the results of the analysis with those obtained by the Spanish seismic code PDS-1 application.

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