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Title: General overview of the project of the Constitución de 1812 cable-stayed bridge over the Cadiz Bay

Author(s): Manterola Armisén, J.; Martínez Cutillas, A.

Publication: ACHE

Volume: 67

Issue: 278

Appears on pages(s): 19-Jan

Keywords: Cable stayed bridge, Composite concrete-steel bridge, Pre-stressed concrete bridge, Steel bridge, Free cantilever construction, Lifting construction, Launching construction, Scaffolding construction


Date: 1/3/2016

The new bridge over Cadiz Bay has a total length of 3,092m and crosses from the city of Cadiz to Puerto Real. The main bridge is a cable stayed deck with a 540m. main span, 200m. approach span, and a vertical clearance for navigational purposes of 69m.Different construction techniques have been employed, and have been adapted to the different bridge typologies, and to its location in the sea or on land. The cable stayed main bridge is being built using a free cantilever system with segments 20m long. The approach viaduct over the sea is being built by segments incrementally launched from Cadiz side. The approach viaduct on Puerto Real side is being built by span by span by means of a shoring framework. The simply supported 150m main span will be lifted from both piers with a barge.

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