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Title: Atraffic load model for the assessment and management of existing bridges. Part one: formulation and methodology

Author(s): Casas Rius, J.R.; Crespo Minguillon, C.

Publication: ACHE

Volume: 49

Issue: 208

Appears on pages(s): 107 - 122



Date: 1/1/1998

The paper presents a comprehensive model to derive the traffic actions in high-way bridges. In order to be complete, in the sense of being valid for the checking of both Serviceability (SLS) and Ultimate (ULS) Limit States including fatigue, the model includes an algorithm for the simulation of real traffic patterns in bridges during an specific period of time. Another algorithm is provided to derive the maximum values of the traffic action in a long period of time from shorter time periods. The model includes the statistical treatment of the most representative variables related with high-way traffic. Different techniques to account for the most important correlations in traffic are also provided. The extrapolation method from short time periods to longer ones, which is essential in the verification of several ULS, is carried via the use of The Generalized Pareto Distributions (GPD) for the statistical definition of the upper tails of the distribution of traffic effects. In the other paper [1] are presented several practical applications of the method to real examples.

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