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Title: Some singular bridges proyected and built by Ferrovial

Author(s): Pérez-Fadón Martínez, S.; Agüi, V.; Roche, I.

Publication: ACHE

Volume: 46

Issue: 196

Appears on pages(s): 33 - 48



Date: 1/3/1995

The presente communication, presented at the XIV Assembly of the ATEP, embodies four singular bridges projected and built by Ferrovial in recent years. Firstly, two structures on the highway new acces to Barajas Airport, in Madrid: The Structure E-10, with a width of 17,30 m on single-shaft piers, which because of its proximity to the mythical horse structure at the entrance of the airport, we have called Pegaso Bridge; and the Cable Stay Pedestrian Bridge that permits acces over the highway to schools in Barajas town. Secondly, the overpass E-1 of the Via de Cintura, in Palma de Mallorca, whose most outstanding feature is that the side spans are very short and which has been resolved with a frame of triangular cells whose stays are prestressed concrete columns. And lastly, a Construction Process for Prestressed Concrete Beam Bridges, which we have caled ""Launching and rotation of prefabricated lintells"" which merited a honorific mention at the last edition 1993 of the Construmar in Barcelona.

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