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Title: High strength concrete. Reciongal experience. Cordoba. Argentina

Author(s): Durán, G.; Cuneo Simian, H.

Publication: ACHE

Volume: 43

Issue: 183

Appears on pages(s): 79 - 99



Date: 1/3/1992

The purpose of this paper is to study a type of high strength concrete made with regional materials and using conventional technics. Correlation of the properties of mortar and rock with concrete strength was included regarding: mix design, handling, placing and strength. A methodology was developed which permit a variational mix design. Experimental work includes 72 concrete cylindric specimens (150 x 300 mm), 48 mortar prismatic specimens (160 x 40 x 40 mm) and rock specimens. Mechanical properties were evaluated for different ages. The parameters included were: compressive and flexural strength, modulus of elasticity and ultrasonic pulse velocity. These properties were evaluated for the concrete, the mortar and the rock.

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