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Title: The influence of the tensile deformation diagram in the calculation of bending of high strength concrete sections

Author(s): González Valle, E.; Izquiero Bernaldo de Quirós, J.M.

Publication: ACHE

Volume: 45

Issue: 191

Appears on pages(s): 161 - 166



Date: 1/3/1994

The size and verification of reinforced concrete sections, is determined by the tensile deformation diagram adopted for the concrete. Some standards, such as the MC-90 and the ACI code, consider different diagrams for the normal strength concretes and high strength concretes. The present communication analyses the more important aspects which affect the different diagrams, and reaches the conclusion that at a theoretical level the conditional aspects for rectangular sections of reinforced concrete subjected to beding are thelimit moment and the limit quantyry. However, from a practical point of view, the said aspects are not very relevant, given the considerable geometrical quantities that lead to the limit quantity.

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