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Title: Experimental study of the bending strengthening by means of overlay of reinforced concrete of reinforces and prestressed unidirectional floors

Author(s): Sirvent Casanova, I.; Juan de la Cruz, M.; Baeza Asín, M.; Ybarra Huesa, R.

Publication: ACHE

Volume: 48

Issue: 204

Appears on pages(s): 29 - 45



Date: 1/3/1997

This article exposes the results and the conclusions of the experimental works/studies included in the first phase of a more extensive research, conducted to the assessment and design of strengthenings, by means of overlays of reinforced concrete, of unidirectional slab, reinforced or prestressed. There are strenghthening systems that have been analysed: overlay of reinforced concrete in the upper level of the frame, overlay of reinforced adhered mortar in the low level of the frame and also a combination of the two precedents. Herewith there is intended to give a solution to the necessities provoked by the adaptations of frame by change of use, the mechanical improvement of deformity required in the works of rehabilitation of the strenghthenins motivated by performance and/or project's defects or deficiency in the quality of the materials.

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