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Title: The influence of compression reinforcement on beam deflection quantifications within a 90 days period

Author(s): Benloch, J.; Perepérez Ventura, B.; Barbera, E.

Publication: ACHE

Volume: 39

Issue: 166

Appears on pages(s): 113 - 120



Date: 1/1/1988

This article shows the results of a research on beam deflections of the linear elements of reinforced concrete with both different geometrical tension reinforcement ratios (25%, 50% and 100%) for a period of 90 days. The results we have obtained regarding instantaneous, immediate and total deflections are related to the current formulae. For time-dependent deflections the best estimation is reached by the Pretorius method, while for total beam defflections both the Pretorius and CEB bilinear methods have proved to be the best. No method succeds in predicting the effect of compression reinforcement on beam deflections.

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