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Title: Evaluation of the Dynamic Increment Coefficient in bruidges, through the analysis of the experimental acceleration records

Author(s): Sobrino Almunia, J.A; Casas Rius, J.R.

Publication: ACHE

Volume: 42

Issue: 179

Appears on pages(s): 21 - 36



Date: 1/3/1991

This artivle presents an alternative method for the evaluation of the Dynamic Increment in bridges through the analysis of the experimental acceleration records derived from dynamic tests, with vehicle passages over the bridge, and combined with an experimental or theoretical static deflection evaluation. In this way, an importan load test simplifiction is obtained versus classical test, based on displacement measurement. In addition, the paper deals with a series of theoretical considerations about Dynamic Increment, leadinf to a new proposed definition. The alternatice method has been successfully contrasted, in dynamic tests performed in two different viaducts. The results clearly show the previously explained problematic in the Dynamic Increment evaluation by the classical method and how to solve it with the new proposed.

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