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Title: Fiber concrete: technology and general properties

Author(s): Fernández Cánovas, M.

Publication: ACHE

Volume: 54

Issue: 228

Appears on pages(s): 167 - 176



Date: 1/3/2003

This paper deals about the reinforce of concrete with fibers in general, although for the more important applications we will talk frecuently of steel fiber reinforced concrete. The composition of these concretes is sligth different of the traditional ones, so in this paper we will indicate the mains factors to comtemplate in order to desing the mix, the modification in reology properties of the fresh concrete that the addition of fibers produce, which are the more relevant properties of the hardened concrete and which is the more important applications of these concretes, specially when they use steel fibers. Finally the paper will finish which a summary of the steel fiber concrete Spanish standards

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