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Title: Las Oblatas"" bridge. Pamplona

Author(s): Arenas de Pablo, J.J.; Pantaleón Prieto, M.J.; Ortega Arias, A.

Publication: ACHE

Volume: 49

Issue: 210

Appears on pages(s): 41 - 53



Date: 1/8/1998

This paper describes the Oblatas bridge over the river Arga at Pamplona. It is an arch bridge, in an urban environment, with lower deck of prestressed concrete. The span is 50.06 m and the width is 27.66 m including overhanging sidewalks. The arch, is placed in the middle of the structure. It is of reinforced concrete and with a parabolic shape, of 13.80m height at the center of the span. The hangers, full locked cables, are disposed in planes inclined 12% in relation to the vertical, on both sides of the axis of the structure. The design, construction and monitoring, in particular during the process of arch opening for the putting in charge of the hangers, are described in full detail.

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