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Title: Time-dependent analysis of prestressed concrete cross-sections: Creep and shrinkage prestressing lasses, and the influence of passive reinforcement

Author(s): Murcia Vela, J.

Publication: ACHE

Volume: 50

Issue: 211

Appears on pages(s): 85 - 96



Date: 1/1/1999

This paper studies the time-dependent behaviour due to creep and shrinkage of prestressed concrete cross-sections, in a simple hut accurate way. The analysis is an extension of a previous work for non-cracked reinforced concrete cross-sections. It focuses mainly on the evaluation of the creep and shrinkage prestressing losses. One conclusion is that passive reinforcement has a certain significance for such losses. However. normally, this tactor is not taken into account in their calculation: specially for compression reinforcement. which tends to increase these losses. The present analysis includes this factor in an inherent way and finally leads to several formulae for the losses: one more accurate and other two simplified. Results from the proposed formulae are compared with those derived from another well-known formulae for different reinforcement ratios.

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