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Title: Influence of small-diameter bars of reinforcement on the compresive strength of concrete specimens

Author(s): Caffarena, J.

Publication: ACHE

Volume: 41

Issue: 177

Appears on pages(s): 12-Sep



Date: 1/8/1990

To determine the compresive strength of cocrete once it has hardened, has always been a need, and specially, when concrete has been damaged by earthquakes, fire and overloads, or else, when the samples offer unclear results. However, and once the extraction of samples is decided, not always on obtains only a mass of concrete. In many cases, fragments of reinforcement appear incorporated into the concrete samples that will be tested. The current standards indicate, that when inside the sample there are steel bars disposed in the same appliction direction of the load, the test should not be carried out. Nevertheless, in cases in which the bars are perpendicular to the loading axis, the test is allowed. The fewness research work done in this topic, shows that the influence of thses steel bars is negligible, although it does not donsider the effects of the type of steel and the position in which these bars are located. The results obtained in the research that we describe in the article, permit to prove that fragments of reinforcement inside the concrete sample sometimes have a significant influence on strength, depending mainly on the position in which they are located.

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