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Title: Development of steel and composite solutions for viaducts on Spanish high speed railway lines

Author(s): Millanes Mato, F.; Matute Rubio, L.; Ortega Cornejo, M.; Martínez Agromayor, D.; Bordó Bujalance, E.

Publication: ACHE

Volume: 62

Issue: 259

Appears on pages(s): 27-Jul

Keywords: composite viaduct, high speed, twin girder-strict box girder solution, composite truss, Bowstring arch.


Date: 1/1/2011

Typological evolution of some composite viaducts designed by IDEAM in the Spanish high speed railway lines is presented, showing the different determining factors which, in each case, suggested the use of composite solutions instead conventional concrete ones, that, in the described projects, didn't allow to solve properly each bridge problem.- Arroyo las Piedras" Viaduct, completely finished and in service since beginning 2007.- River Ulla Viaduct and Archidona Viaduct, currently under construction.- Abroñigal Viaduct and Librilla Viaduct, recently projected."

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