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Title: Resistance to frost in concrete columns

Author(s): Delibes Liniers, A.; Fernández Gómez, J.; González Isabel, G.

Publication: ACHE

Volume: 39

Issue: 167

Appears on pages(s): 121 - 130



Date: 1/3/1988

Un the present work, the authors have studied the influenve of low temperatures during early age of concrete. In a special refrigerated room, columns and molded specimens have been concreted at -5ºC and -15ºC, keeping these elements under these condistions for 24-48 hours. Afterwars, and up to the test age (28 days) they have been kept under Laboratory conditions. For making that concrete, three types of cement have been used: P-450 ARI, PA-350 (puzolanic addition) and PA-350 (slag addition). The most important results of the research have been th greater sensibility to frost of the molded specimens than that of the columns as well as the influence of the type of cement and temperature.

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