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Title: Diagnostic Load Testing of Concrete Bridges, Principles and Example

Author(s): Joan Ramon Casas, Piotr Olaszek, Juliusz Ciesla, Krzysztof Germaniuk

Publication: Symposium Paper

Volume: 323


Appears on pages(s): 7.1-7.16

Keywords: diagnostic load testing, concrete bridges, cracks

DOI: 10.14359/51702437

Date: 5/1/2018

The paper presents principles of diagnostic load tests of concrete bridges performed in Europe and one example of application from Poland. The common basis of the load testing techniques and methods were developed within the European Research Project ARCHES (Assessment and Rehabilitation of Central European Highway Infrastructure) and the main objectives and results of the project will be presented herein. Based on that, an example of application will follow. The presented example of load tests is an evaluation of newly built reinforced concrete slab bridge. The bridge is a seven-span continuous structure with spans length of 14.05+18.03+15.31+15.63+18.97+18.60+14.34 m [553+710+603+615+747+732+567 in]. After construction, during cleaning the bottom surface of the structure many cracks were noticed in the tension zone. The process of bridge load testing was concentrated on the analysis of the cause of cracks appearing and estimation of the load carrying capacity of the bridge. The investigation range contained the following: tests of material properties, analytical calculations, visual examination of the bottom surface of the structure before, during and after load testing; measurements under test loading: deflection, selected cracks width and supports displacement. The final conclusions included the causes of crack appearing and recommendations for the future bridge service.