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Title: Experimental Study on the Performance of Textile Reinforced Masonry Under Flexural Load

Author(s): Dorothea Saenger, Michael Raupach

Publication: Symposium Paper

Volume: 324


Appears on pages(s): 10.1-10.14

Keywords: reinforced masonry, textile reinforced mortar, bond performance, lateral load, tensile strength, flexural strength

DOI: 10.14359/51702362

Date: 4/1/2018

An innovative option to reinforce existing masonry buildings or to increase the load-bearing capacity of new ones subjected to lateral loading caused by wind or earth pressure is to apply textile reinforcement in render on the masonry surface or in mortar in the bed-joint. This idea is based on the new material “textile reinforced concrete” (TRC). However, due to the specific characteristics of masonry compared to concrete, it is necessary to find suitable textiles for the use in combination with the masonry unit, mortar and render. To achieve a deeper knowledge on the performance of this composite material, an extensive experimental study is currently carried out. The main objectives are to identify suitable reinforcing materials as well as to describe the load-bearing and deformation behavior of textile reinforced masonry under lateral load and hence to derive a design model. Within this study tests are conducted on small-scale composite specimens under tensile, shear and flexural load, from which the needed parameters for the design model shall be defined. Basic part of these tests is the investigation of the bond behavior between textile reinforcement and mortar/rendering under tensile load, for which a new test method for TRC was implemented. From large scale tests on masonry walls subjected to lateral loading, the effectiveness of strengthening masonry externally with textile reinforced render will be assessed.