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Title: Acceptance Criteria for Concrete and Masonry Strengthening Using Fabric-Reinforced Cementitious Matrix (FRCM) and Steel Reinforced Grout (SRG) Composites

Author(s): Mahmut Ekenel, Francisco De Caso y Basalo, Antonio Nanni

Publication: Symposium Paper

Volume: 324


Appears on pages(s): 4.1-4.6

Keywords: Fiber-reinforced cementitious matrix, steel reinforced grout, building codes, concrete and masonry strengthening, composite materials

DOI: 10.14359/51702356

Date: 4/1/2018

Repair and strengthening of concrete and masonry structures using fabric-reinforced cementitious matrix (FRCM) and streel-reinforced grout (SRG) are emerging technologies in the industry allowing engineers and contractors to effectively remove deficiencies, improve structural performance and prolong life of existing concrete or masonry structures. FRCM is a composite consisting of one or more layers of cement- or hydraulic-based matrix reinforced with dry fibers in the form of open fabric. Similarly, SRG consists of a matrix reinforced with cords of twisted micro steel wires woven to form a fabric (mesh). Acceptance Criteria AC434 was published to provide guidelines for the evaluation of FRCM/SRG strengthening of concrete and masonry structural elements because the building codes in the USA do not have requirements for testing and determination of structural capacity, reliability and serviceability of this class of composite technologies. AC434 establishes requirements for testing and calculations that can lead to the issuance of a product research reports as evidence of a product’s building code compliance. This paper summarizes and presents the key features of AC434 and its relationship to ACI committee 549.4R, the guide to design and construction of externally bonded FRCM and SRG systems for repair and strengthening concrete and masonry structures.