Reinforcement of Hollow Concrete Beams with FRP Bars Made from Recycled Materials


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Title: Reinforcement of Hollow Concrete Beams with FRP Bars Made from Recycled Materials

Author(s): Robert J. Thomas and Sulapha Peethamparan

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 303


Appears on pages(s): 311-322

Keywords: fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP); hollow beams; recycled materials; reinforced concrete

Date: 6/1/2015

Fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) reinforcement for concrete has gained popularity in the past two decades due to its high strength, cyclic load resistance, and insensitivity to chloride corrosion. This paper presents the results of an experimental evaluation of FRP reinforcing bars made completely from recycled materials with two surface conditions: externally bonded helical glass rovings and lathed circumferential grooves. Tensile testing indicated that only grooved bars provided adequate bonding within concrete systems due to bond failure of the external helical rovings under tensile loading. The performance of 1.0 m (39.4 in.) hollow beams reinforced with grooved recycled bars, commercially available FRP bars, and #2 (6.4 mm or 0.25 in.) steel bars was evaluated. Recycled and commercial FRP-reinforced beams had nearly identical performance, indicating that the recycled bars are feasible for use as reinforcement in concrete, although neither FRP-reinforced beam performed as well as steel-reinforced beams.