The Swedish User´s View of Self-Compacting Concrete


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Title: The Swedish User´s View of Self-Compacting Concrete

Author(s): Richard Mc Carthy, Johan Silfwerbrand

Publication: NCR

Volume: 44

Issue: 6

Appears on pages(s): 75-86

Keywords: SCC, productivity, production technique, formwork pressure, formwork design.

Date: 12/15/2011

Self-compacting concrete (SCC) offers a variety of benefits and most of them are well known in the concrete sector today. The most important advantages are increased degree of productivity, easiness of placing, improved quality of the finished structure (the inside as well as the outside), improved working environment, lower construction costs, shortened construction time and possibilities to save labour. Despite all the benefits, the market share of cast-in-place SCC in Sweden today is still under 10 %. In order to increase the market share, there are some challenges and limitations which have to be dealt with. Some examples are greater need for knowledge and experience, some uncertainty around formwork pressure, a current lack of updated standards and codes regarding formwork design, unsatisfactory robustness, varying material properties at site and wrong focus during cost assessments. Swedish contractors have taken part in an investigation consisting of a series of interviews. The questions have been asked during site visits or, more commonly, by telephone. The questions asked were about formwork, casting technique, quality of the finished structure and benefits of the SCC technique. A majority of the contractors who were interviewed are in favour of the SCC technique, but SCC must be considered as a method instead of a material in order to encourage them to consider the wider effects and benefits of SCC. Finally, clients and owners need to be involved as early as possible in the process and material selection considering the advantages of SCC. This will improve the possibilities to increase the use of SCC.

Norwegian Concrete Association, International Partner Access.