Internal Curing: Lessons from Yesterday and Hope for Tomorrow


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Title: Internal Curing: Lessons from Yesterday and Hope for Tomorrow

Author(s): W. Jason Weiss

Publication: Web Session

Volume: Weiss1.pdf


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Keywords: mixture proportioning, internal curing methods, hydration impacts, volume change effects, mechanical properties, durability aspects, life-cycle cost analysis

Date: 10/23/2012

Shrinkage-compensating concrete is made with an expansive cement or expansive component system in which initial expansion can offset strains caused by drying shrinkage. It can reduce or eliminate cracking due to drying shrinkage. In this manner, shrinkage-compensating concrete can increase the durability of concrete structures, meet serviceability requirements, and meet performance-based specifications. This session will highlight current developments in shrinkage-compensating concrete—presenting new research in shrinkage-compensating concrete—and discuss how shrinkage-compensating concrete can meet the future needs of our industry.

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