Drift Control as the Goal—The Case of the Colombian Code


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Title: Drift Control as the Goal—The Case of the Colombian Code

Author(s): Luis E. García

Publication: Web Session

Volume: Garcia.pdf


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Keywords: earthquake-resistant design, PCA book

Date: 10/21/2012

These sessions aim to disseminate information related to the development and evolution of design philosophy and detail earthquake-resistant concrete buildings in the past 50 years. Given the fact that many fundamental principles of earthquake-resistant design of concrete structures were first laid out in Design of Reinforced Concrete Buildings for Earthquake Motions, a 1961 PCA book by Blume et al., emphasis will be placed on the role this book had on subsequent design practice. Also, as a key participant in these developments as a researcher and educator, as well as a champion promoter of the design principles set forth in this book, the proposed sessions also aim to highlight the role of Professor Mete A. Sozen in shaping current design practice for earthquake-resistant concrete construction.

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