Prediction of Drying Shrinkage for Internally Cured HPC


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Title: Prediction of Drying Shrinkage for Internally Cured HPC

Author(s): T. Fu, T. Deboodt and J. H. Ideker

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 290


Appears on pages(s): 1-16

Keywords: ACI 209 model, drying shrinkage, internal curing, lightweight aggregate, shrinkage prediction, shrinkage reducing admixture

Date: 9/14/2012

In this research, ten different high performance concrete (HPC) mixtures internally cured by pre-wetted lightweight fine aggregate (LWFA) and/or shrinkage reducing admixture (SRA) were cast and their drying shrinkage strain was monitored using the ASTM C157 test. The data collected was used to evaluate six shrinkage prediction models, namely, ACI 209 model, CEB90 model, AASHTO model, B3 model, GL2000 model and ALSN model. The study finds that the GL2000 model shows the best overall performance in predicting shrinkage strain for internally cured HPC. However, more accurate long-term shrinkage prediction can be achieved based on the current ACI 209 model with experimental measurements. This proposed procedure is capable to predict long-term drying shrinkage for concrete using local materials mixture by using short-term experimental measurements.