Installation of Adhesive Anchors—Theory and Practice


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Title: Installation of Adhesive Anchors—Theory and Practice

Author(s): Philipp Grosser, Werner Fuchs, and Rolf Eligehausen

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 283


Appears on pages(s): 1-12

Keywords: Adhesive anchors, installation, post-installed fastener

Date: 3/1/2012

Post-installed anchoring technology with mechanical anchor and adhesive anchor systems has found widespread use in concrete construction due to their numerous fields of applications, flexibility for fastening solutions, and advantages in productivity. Continuous improvement and advancement in post-installed fastening technology has yielded different products with certain areas of application and differing installation procedures. Therefore, in many cases, a post-installed anchor seems to be the perfect choice. However, as it is for cast-in anchors, the use of post-installed anchors requires in-depth knowledge in fastening technology for all people involved. These include the designers, who select the anchors for the correct load transfer from the attachment to the load-bearing structure, as well as the installers, who have to ensure that the anchors are installed correctly on the construction site. Lack of knowledge in the field of post-installed fastening technology is inevitably increasing the probability of misuse and misinstallations. In the recent past, discussions on the reliable use of post-installed anchors arose due to misinstalled mechanical anchors in the nuclear power plant in Biblis, Germany, or the fatal collapse of the Boston I-90 Tunnel ceiling panel that was suspended with the use of such anchors. To counteract and avoid these situations, a survey1 was performed in 2007 in Germany, Italy and Croatia on the installation of adhesive anchors on-site was performed as a first step in studying the issue. Based on the results of this investigation a field research project was started in 2009 in the United States to identify the situation on construction sites with regard to adhesive anchor installation in practice. The project was intended to benefit the construction industry by forming a basis for the development of easy to install adhesive-bonded anchors, and to improve the installation instructions for actual and future anchors, as well as to get information on the necessity and content of adhesive anchor installation training programs. This paper gives an overview on the findings on 23 sites in five locations in the United States and conclusions.