Design and Qualification Provisions for Adhesive Anchors in Concrete


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Title: Design and Qualification Provisions for Adhesive Anchors in Concrete

Author(s): John F. Silva

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 283


Appears on pages(s): 1-14

Keywords: adhesive, anchor, design, qualification

Date: 3/1/2012

The design provisions for anchoring to concrete in ACI 318-08 Appendix D (ACI Committee 318 2008) specifically exclude adhesive anchors while noting that "Adhesive anchors are widely used and can perform adequately. At this time, however, such anchors are outside the scope of this appendix." Development of suitable design provisions for adhesive anchors requires that 1. The provisions be structured to fit the design paradigm currently being used in ACI 318-08 Appendix D (ACI Committee 318 2008); and 2. A suitable companion standard to ACI 355.2 (ACI Committee 355 2007) be developed for the testing and assessment of adhesive anchor systems to be used in conjunction with the new provisions. The design model is substantially based on the work of Eligehausen, Cook, and Appl (Eligehausen et al. 2006). It incorporates a new failure mode (bond) that must be included along with the other tension failure modes in establishing the controlling strength. The bond failure model, which incorporates a unique approach to group and edge effects reflective of numerous experimental and numerical investigations, is nevertheless predicated on a simple uniform bond stress approach. Of equal importance is the implementation of a host of new suitability tests for adhesive anchor systems as well as a particular emphasis on long-term strength and job-site quality control. In this context, the provisions for inclusion of adhesive anchors in ACI 318-11 (ACI Committee 318 2011) are reviewed together with the approach taken to testing and qualification under the new ACI standard ACI 355.4-11 (ACI Committee 355 2011).