New Zealand Concrete Industry Conference - Wellington Convention Centre, Wellington


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Title: New Zealand Concrete Industry Conference - Wellington Convention Centre, Wellington


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Date: 10/1/2010

To order copies of NZCS conference and seminar publications, please complete the order form below and return with your payment to the NZCS, PO Box 12, Beachlands, Auckland 2147: Technical Papers - Order Form 20101 Session 1: Opening Address (Nick Smith – Minister for the Environment & Climate Change Issues) Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge (David Goodyear – T.Y.Lin International) Post-tensioning technology in Sports Arenas (Marcel Poser / Thomas Richli – BBR VT International; Berislav Medic– UPI-2M: Bartosz Lukijaniuk – BBR Polska Sp.z.o.o; Kresimir Bogadi – BBR Adria d.o.o) Session 2: Seismic Retrofitting of an Unreinforced Masonry Building using ECC Shotcrete (Yi-Wei Lin / Liam Wotherspoon /Jason Ingham – University of Auckland; Derek Lawley – Reid Construction Systems) Research Investigations on the Seismic Performance of Precast Concrete Industrial Buildings in Europe (Alessandro Palermo – University of Canterbury Auckland Downtown Ferry Terminal Upgrade (Mark Kurtovich – BBR Contech; Peter Sansom – Auckland Regional Transport Authority; Andrew Guthrie – Brunello Consulting) Waste Paint as a Polymeric Admixture Substitute in Concrete (Nasser Almesfer / Jason Ingham – University of Auckland; Graeme Norton – 3R Group Ltd; Len McSaveney – Golden Bay Cement)Session 2A: (NZRMCA Concurrent Materials Session) The Effects of Cement Blends on Mass Concrete Temperature (Shane Coutts / Raki Harding / Riki Shelford – Golden Bay Cement; Michael Khrapko – CBE Consultancy Ltd) Reducing the Clinker Factor in General Purpose Cement (Greg Slaughter / Rebecca Keoghan – Holcim New Zealand Ltd; Len McSaveney / Shane Coutts – Golden Bay Cement) Measuring chloride ion contents in new concrete: How to demonstrate that your concrete complies with NZS 3101 and 3104 requirements (and why you need to!) (Rob Gaimster – NZRMCA; Sue Freitag – Opus International Consultants; Dene Cook – Firth Industries) Development of Secant Pile Retaining Wall Construction in Urban New Zealand (Nick Wharmby – Brian Perry Civil) Session 3: Field Measurements of Concrete Floor Surface Regularity (Rick Henry / Jason Ingham – University of Auckland) Tauranga Harbour Link – Stage 2 (Paul Gurran – Fletcher Construction) The UK Housing Industry – the drive towards energy efficiency (Derek Chisholm – Solid Concrete Solutions Ltd) Influence of binder type on the corrosion rate of steel in cracked concrete (Allan Scott – University of Canterbury; Mark Alexander – University of Cape Town) Session 3A: (NZRMCA Concurrent Session) Meeting the Skills Challenge in the NZ Concrete Industry (Ruma Karaitiana – BCITO) The Obligations of Concrete Firms under the Commerce Act (Chris Weir – Anthony Harper) Session 4: Comparison of strain hardening behaviour of non-tearing and traditional reinforced concrete beams (Craig Muir /Stefano Pampanin – University of Canterbury; Des Bull – Holmes Consulting; Euving Au – Structex Ltd) An experimental assessment of the energy performance of high thermal mass concrete walls in New Zealand (Larry Bellamy / James Mackechnie – University of Canterbury) Celebrating Precast Façade Panels Built to Last >75 years (Alex Gray – Impact Project Management; Hamish McKenzie – Holmes Consulting; Neil Lee – Opus Central Laboratories) Experimental Verification of the Performance of the Humes Precast Concrete Box Culverts (Chris Allington – Holmes Solutions Limited)Session 4A: (NZRMCA Concurrent Session) An Update from the Road Transport Forum (Ken Shirley – Road Transport Forum) Keeping electricity pylons above water (Campbell Robertson – Holcim New Zealand Ltd) User Friendly Environmental Management Systems (Grant Anderson / Greg Slaughter - Holcim New Zealand Ltd) The Stockton Coal Mine: Ready Mixed Concrete Supply to new Coal Processing Plant (Jon Hambling / Dominic Sutton – Firth Industries) Session 5: Hobsonville Deviation – Leading the Way with Concrete Innovation (Shane Wilton / Doyle Smith / Shane Knyvett – HEB Structures) Dealing with Seismic Forces in Floors of Real Buildings: Design Issues and Recommendations (Des Bull / Debra Gardiner / Richard Fenwick – University of Canterbury) Doha Convention Center & Tower, Qatar, Middle East (Bassim Bahr Aliloom – CCANZ) Case Study: Utilising underwater cast concrete to stabilize high groundwater sites (Francesco Surico – Mapei Spa; Thomas Beck – Rescon Mapei AS; Darren Smith – Mapei New Zealand) Session 6: Strengthening of the Auckland Civic underground Carpark (Chris Munn – Allied Concrete; Stuart Oliver – Holmes Consulting Group; Tim Jones – Hawkins Construction) Residual Strength Assessment and Destructive Testing of Decommissioned Concrete Bridge Beams with Corroded Pretensioned Reinforcement (Rhys Rogers / Jason Ingham / Liam Wotherspoon – University of Auckland; Allan Scott – University of Canterbury) Concrete Pile Durability in South Island Bridges (Sue Freitag / Sheldon Bruce – Opus International Consultants;Ahmad Shayan – ARRB Group Ltd; R Slaughter / R Pearson – Bridge Owners’ Representatives) NZCS Enduring Concrete Award (Morten Gjerde – Victoria University of Wellington)

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