Influence of high strength of concrete and reinforcing steel on behaviour of r/c deep beam


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Title: Influence of high strength of concrete and reinforcing steel on behaviour of r/c deep beam

Author(s): A. Stolarski, W. Cichorski

Publication: KILW

Volume: 49

Issue: 2

Appears on pages(s): 113-130

Keywords: Concrete, reinforcing steel, high-strength

Date: 4/1/2003

The analysis of influence of high strength of structural materials (concrete and reinforcing steel) on load carrying capacity of reinforced concrete deep beam under static load was presented in the paper. Modelling of structural material properties was carried out in the range of plastic flow theory assumptions.Elastic-perfectly plastic material model was applied to the reinforcement steel. The non-standard constitutive model was applied to the concrete. The model describes elastic properties till attaining the static strength, limited perfectly plastic properties of concrete, material softening and material dilatation in the straining process. Introduction of the additional material parameters making possible the description of properties of very high strength of concrete was required for achivement of the purpose of analysis. The method of analysis of inelastic structural system was developed using the finite element method principles. The comparative analysis of the obtained results with experimental result taken from the literature, as well as with the numerical results obtained for normal concrete was described. Presented results confirm the necessity of carrying out the investigation of the influence of the parameters of high strength structural materials on the effort mechanism of the reinforced concrete members.

Polish Academy of Sciences, International Partner Access.

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