Moment Resisting Connections with Post-Installed Reinforcement


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Title: Moment Resisting Connections with Post-Installed Reinforcement


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Date: 2/13/2011

As a result of the increasing need for rehabilitation and upgrade of existing structures, postinstalled reinforcing bars in concrete are rapidly gaining in importance. For such applications, the Hilti HIT injection system with the first approval in Germany has proved to be reliable and the anchorage is designed on the basis of Eurocode 2. Only straight ends of bars are possible for installation reasons for post-installed bars. Careful modelling of the load path in the concrete is therefore required in moment resisting connections such as frame nodes, where hooks or bends are used for cast-in bars. For such a frame node a design concept with strut-and-tie model is presented. A series of 18 tests on full scale specimens with cast-in hooked and straight bars and post-installed connection bars has been performed. The anchorage depth, the concrete strength and the reinforcement ratio have also been varied. The test results are evaluated in this paper with respect to the strut-and-tie model. The analysis shows, that the proposed design concept gives very accurate results for reasonable anchorage lengths, but that the model overpredicts the loading capacity for very short anchorage lengths. In this case a design based on the shear strength of the concrete is proposed.

Concrete Institute of Australia, International Partner Access.

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