Integrated Environmental Design And Optimization Of Concrete Slabs


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Title: Integrated Environmental Design And Optimization Of Concrete Slabs


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Date: 2/13/2011

A theoretical approach to environment-based optimization of concrete structures, using a multicriterion evaluation and optimization model including sensitivity analysis, is presented. The case study shows results of the research in the field of the environmentally based optimization of RC slabs. This also covers verification of suitability of using recycled materials. Several structural alternatives of composite waffle and ribbed slabs were designed, analyzed, evaluated and compared. The structural shape was determined by the results of multicriterion optimization taking into account environmental criteria as well as structural parameters. Using recycled materials and the optimized shape, it was possible to reduce environmental impacts such as consumption of non-renewable silicate materials, the level of embodied CO2, SO2 and embodied energy. The use of the optimized composite structure in situ is also presented. The performed case studies supported preliminary assumptions about the undisputed significance of (i) the selection of materials, including recycled materials and (ii) optimization of the shape of the structure.

Concrete Institute of Australia, International Partner Access.

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