New Generation Admixture For Improvement Of Concrete With Manufactured Sands


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Title: New Generation Admixture For Improvement Of Concrete With Manufactured Sands


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Date: 2/13/2011

With the increased shortage of natural sands for construction combined with increasing pressure from local government bodies to find methods to utilize by-products and waste produced in quarries, the use of manufactured sands in concrete will not only make the mix more economical but also protect the environment from possible pollution and result in saving of natural resources and energy. Some concrete producers incorporate manufactured sands to replace fine aggregates in their concrete mixes for economic and environmental reasons. However, concrete mix designs using higher proportions of manufactured sands to partially replace natural sands in concrete can be harsh, difficult to pump and harder to place and finish. To overcome some of these problems an admixture based on new technology has been developed. The use of such an admixture imparts superior workability, making it easier to pump, place and finish, besides providing water reduction. The admixture is specifically designed to achieve a user- friendly concrete mix and provide customer satisfaction through the utilization of latest polymer technology for chemical admixtures. This paper will discuss the application of a new generation admixture for the improvement of concrete mixes containing different manufactured sands.

Concrete Institute of Australia, International Partner Access.

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