Design And Construction Considerations For Durable Concrete Structures


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Title: Design And Construction Considerations For Durable Concrete Structures


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Date: 2/13/2011

Based on current practice, there is much debate as to what factors should be controlled and specified in order to be able to produce durable concrete. In the past, it was common to adopt a prescriptive approach for specifying concrete, which to a great extent is related to the concrete compressive strength and concrete cover requirements. Additional specifications including concrete composition, properties and constituents used can be imposed but these approaches do not necessarily yield satisfactory results. In this paper, the importance of recognising the quality of covercrete and curing in ensuring the durability of a structure is highlighted. A practical method of assessing the insitu cover quality using Initial Surface Absorption Test (ISAT10 value) or Volume of Permeable Voids(VPV) is presented. Assessing in-situ cover measurements using covermeter and GPR is also presented. It recommends that Figg's test be adapted to assess in-situ air and water permeability immediately after construction and continually thereafter. Such an approach would enable the construction of durable structures and the monitoring of compliance to durability issues, with the capability of taking remedial measures at the stage of initiation of covercrete deterioration. This would lead to considerable savings in future maintenance costs of concrete structures.

Concrete Institute of Australia, International Partner Access.

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