Setting Time and Bleeding of Concrete with Binary and Ternary Cements


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Title: Setting Time and Bleeding of Concrete with Binary and Ternary Cements


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Date: 2/13/2011

This paper presents and discusses the results of an investigation into setting time and bleeding of concrete with binary and ternary cements containing three supplementary cementitious materials (SCM), silica fume, fly ash and GGBF slag. While the major parameters influencing the setting and bleeding of Type GP cement concrete have been well identified, the use of SCM in the cement introduces new influences on these properties. A total of thirteen concrete mixes were investigated in this work, which was part of a larger project using binary and ternary cements containing SCM from local sources. The comparisons between SCM mixes and Type GP control mixes were based on the same cement content and water to cement ratio. It was found that setting was retarded in all the binary and ternary SCM mixes compared to the control mixes. The bleeding of SCM concrete was found not only to be affected by the fineness of the cement but also by the type, or the chemical and physical properties, of the SCM in the cement. The results of this investigation indicate that properties of concretes containing large proportion of fly ash and/or slag need careful assessment with respect to particular construction applications given the significant changes to bleeding and setting time associated with cement type.

Concrete Institute of Australia, International Partner Access.

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