Material Properties of High Strength Concrete Containing Rice Husk Ash


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Title: Material Properties of High Strength Concrete Containing Rice Husk Ash


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Date: 2/13/2011

Rice husk is an agricultural residue from rice paddy milling. Controlled burning of this waste can produce highly reactive ash, rice husk ash (RHA), which can be used as a supplementary cementing material in concrete. It has many similar properties to that of condensed silica fume (CSF). Since CSF is an essential ingredient in the production of high strength concrete (HSC), it is thought feasible that RHA be used as an alternative material. This paper reports an investigation at the University of Malaya to produce high strength rice husk ash concrete (HSRHAC) of 80 MPa at 28 days. The variables of study include RHA content, method of incorporating RHA into the concrete mix, superplasticizer dosage to maintain workability of 100-150 mm slump, water / binder ratio and types of curing. Data up to 6 months on the compressive, flexural, splitting tensile strength, static and dynamic modulus of elasticity, drying shrinkage, and non-destructive tests (rebound hammer and ultrasonic pulse velocity) are presented. The results are compared with HSC containing CSF or superplasticizer.

Concrete Institute of Australia, International Partner Access.

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