Early Age Properties of Self-Cured Concrete


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Title: Early Age Properties of Self-Cured Concrete


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Date: 2/13/2011

Self-curing concrete is a new concept on curing which has emerged within the last 5 years where an internal, polymer based curing admixture can be used, eliminating the external curing procedure. In order to investigate the feasibility of this method and to develop sufficient technical background in this area, a research project has been carried out at the University of New South Wales. Results for different curing methods including a water based hydrocarbon resin curing membrane and an Internal Curing Admixture (ICA) with a high solids content (64%) are presented in this paper. Mixes with several different binder types namely, opc, opc/flyash and opc/slag were investigated in the laboratory and in the field. With ICA, a more dense microstructure was observed. Reduced porosity, permeability, water absorption and improved compressive strength developments were also recorded. ICA performed similar to a good quality curing membrane. Recent comparative field trials on typical concrete slabs cured by ICA and other methods confirmed the results obtained in the laboratory investigation.

Concrete Institute of Australia, International Partner Access.

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