Test Method for Shrinkage Effects in Cracked Reinforced Concrete Beams


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Title: Test Method for Shrinkage Effects in Cracked Reinforced Concrete Beams


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Date: 2/14/2011

The equation given in Eurocode 2 for the calculation of shrinkage curvatures has been validated for uncracked sections but is also used for cracked sections even though it has not been validated for such use. Consequently, this paper describes an experimental study of shrinkage effects on cracked beam sections under load in order to assess the validity of the Eurocode 2 approach. The novelty of the test procedure is that it isolates shrinkage effects from the other variables, which is particularly challenging with cracked beams under load. Shrinkage deformations arise due to differences between the free movement of the concrete compared with that for the steel. The paper shows that the same effect can be achieved by heating a specimen if the reinforcement has a significantly higher coefficient of expansion from that of the concrete. Creep effects can be eliminated by using a cyclic testing regime making it possible to isolate curvature change caused by the “shrinkage”. Results from four beam specimens are presented to demonstrate the effectiveness of the procedure and future developments are indicated.

Concrete Institute of Australia, International Partner Access.

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