Engineering properties of Si-rich Geopolymer binder systems


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Title: Engineering properties of Si-rich Geopolymer binder systems


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Date: 2/28/2011

Fly-ash Geopolymer systems formulated to high Si/Al ratios provides a potentially ideal system for producing ultra-high performance Geopolymer binders targeting mainstream civil construction applications involving both premix and precast Geopolymer concrete applications. For this study, the roles of silica and alkali species present in Geopolymer binder mix design and their impact on achieving a range of properties including mechanical performance and early age strength development were investigated. It was observed that high silica Geopolymer binders with SiO2/Al2O3 > 15 presents a viable alternative to conventional Geopolymer which generally have SiO2/Al2O3 = 2-4. Prior to curing, such high-Si mixtures display a more viscous consistency than conventional Geopolymer and have a lower pH after setting. The relative high initial strength gains of the systems are complemented with very good binding capacity. The overall performance trends of normal as well as silica-rich systems are explored and discussed in this Paper, including notes on field trials of premix Geopolymer concrete for footpath applications.

Concrete Institute of Australia, International Partner Access.

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