Design for Edge Lifting of Precast Concrete Panels


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Title: Design for Edge Lifting of Precast Concrete Panels


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Date: 2/28/2011

Edge lifting anchors are loaded in shear when tilting panels after casting and in tension for transport and erection. In Australia the most popular edge lifting anchors are made from steel plate in a “hairpin” shape and the published design prediction equations for headed anchors may not always be valid. None of the equations predict shear performance of concrete lifted with hairpin anchors. This paper reviews the limit states for edge lift anchor design, the statutory requirements, modes of anchor failure and published research. A new model for the prediction of tension and shear capacity of thin concrete panels lifted with hairpin anchors is presented, supported by test results.The limit states for hanger reinforcing bars required for the majority of edge lifting anchors are discussed with test results demonstrating the controlling limit states for the design of popular hairpin anchors. The in effectiveness of unconfined panel reinforcing for improving the ultimate concrete limit state is discussed with reference to a recent failure.

Concrete Institute of Australia, International Partner Access.

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