Influence of steel fibers on structural behavior of beams strengthened with CFRP


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Title: Influence of steel fibers on structural behavior of beams strengthened with CFRP

Author(s): V. J. FERRARI, J. B. DE HANAI

Publication: IBRACON

Volume: 4

Issue: 1

Appears on pages(s): 1 15

Keywords: cement composite; strengthened beams; bending; toughness

Date: 3/1/2011

In this study we present the methodology and the results from the analysis of behavior of reinforced beams and externally strengthened until the flexural with sheet of CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced polymer).The strengthening behavior of common concrete beams is analyzed and compared with the strengthening of beams molded with mortar cement composite and short steel fibers. The main objective was to investigate the influence of cement composite (chosen without major criteria) on the behavior and failure mode of the strengthened beams. Flexural tests in three points of six beams and characterization tests of materials (flexural tests in three points in engraved prismatic bodies-of-proof, strain tests in steel bars and axial compression tests in cylindrical bodies-of-proof) were carried out. In addition, a finite element analysis has been performed to compare to experimental results. The increase of toughness and crack strength lead to significant changes in the structural behavior of beams with fibers and stregthened when compared to strengthened common concrete beams.

Brazilian Institute of concrete, International Partner Access.

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