Tension and Compression Strengthening of RC Members by CFRP Composite Fabrics


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Title: Tension and Compression Strengthening of RC Members by CFRP Composite Fabrics

Author(s): Cheng-Tzu Thomas Hsu, and Wonsiri Punurai

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 275


Appears on pages(s): 1-20

Keywords: Beams, Columns, Computer Analysis, Concrete, Fabrics, Reinforced, Tests.

Date: 3/1/2011

Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) composite fabrics have been used to provide compression strengthening of Reinforced Concrete (RC) columns and bridge piers as well as tension strengthening of RC beams and slabs. Based on the literature review, however, it has been found that the combined tension and compression strengthening of RC structural members have not yet been fully explored. To further understand the structural behavior of various RC structural members strengthened by CFRP composite fabrics using both tension and compression strengthening, this paper will analytically and experimentally investigate the load – deformation behavior of RC beams and biaxially loaded RC slender columns using both tension and compression strengthening technique by CFRP composite fabrics. The computer methods used in this study are then compared with the experimental test results to verify the behavior of tested beams and columns. In this study, different wrapping methods using the CFRP composite fabrics are applied. Test results show that the RC members strengthened with both longitudinal and transverse fabrics (tension and compression strengthening) have achieved the best flexural performance and ductility of the repaired structural members.