Durability Study of GFRPP Rebar in Alkali, Acid and Salt Solution


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Title: Durability Study of GFRPP Rebar in Alkali, Acid and Salt Solution

Author(s): Chuan Wang, Guijun Xian, and Jinping

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 275


Appears on pages(s): 1-10

Keywords: FRP; FRTP (fiber reinforced thermoplastic polymer); durability; continuous fiber; civil engineering

Date: 3/1/2011

Common FRP rebars or plates used for reinforcing or strengthening in civil engineering are made by fiber reinforced thermosetting polymer (FRSP) materials. FRSP can not be reshaped after being cured so that many of the bent shapes cannot be easily obtained and handled at site. In view of this, glass fiber reinforced polypropylene (GFRPP) were developed in according to fiber reinforced thermoplastic polymer systems. This paper is focused on the experimental and theoretical studies on the corrosion resistance of GFRPP rebar in alkali, acid and salt solution at various temperatures. And some durability life prediction was concluded through FHWA method, which may be valuable to understand the durability of GFRPP rebars in practice. The results reveal that these kinds of GFRPP rebars exhibits a bad resistance in alkali solution, may due to the vulnerable glass reinforcement. And further studies should be carried on to optimizing this kind of GFRPP rebar.