Large Propped Cantilever Beam with Opening


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Title: Large Propped Cantilever Beam with Opening

Author(s): Daniel Kuchma, Sukit Yindeesuk, and Tjen Tjhin

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 273


Appears on pages(s): 1-14


Date: 9/20/2010

This example presents a strut-and-tie design for a storey-high propped cantilever beam that supports a single concentrated load near midspan and has a large rectangular opening between this point of loading and the fixed-ended support. The internal truss that is selected to carry the imposed loading to the supports is both externally and internally indeterminate. This creates a condition in which the calculated capacity of the STM designed region is affected by the relative stiffness of truss members and the degree of plasticity attributed to the truss. The design is investigated and validated by plastic and non-linear truss analyses, finite element analysis, and the results from a scale model test of the designed structure. This paper examines the influence of design and analysis assumptions on the performance of this structure under service and factored loads.