Control Research on the Bubble of Large-diameter Concrete Segment


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Title: Control Research on the Bubble of Large-diameter Concrete Segment

Author(s): Jun Jiang, etc.

Publication: China Concrete and Cement Products


Issue: No.3 2010(Total 173)

Appears on pages(s): 32-34

Keywords: Large diameter, shield, concrete, segment, bubble

Date: 6/20/2010

Concrete segments are the main structures of shield tunnel,they are also the comprehensive performance guarantees of waterproof,fireproof and durability.Therefore,the overall performance of the segment has a high requirment.But the large-diameter concrete segment in the production sometimes happens more bubble,thus it is easy to form leakage channels,which affects the durability.In this paper,concrete materials,mix design,mould,mold release agents,vibration technology and other aspects attempt to reduce the segment bubble,as a result,good results are gotten in the practice production.
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