Study of the Strengthened RC Beams with CFRPs


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Title: Study of the Strengthened RC Beams with CFRPs

Author(s): Weihong Xie, etc.

Publication: China Concrete and Cement Products


Issue: No.4 2010(Total 174)

Appears on pages(s): 62-65

Keywords: RC beams, CFRPs, Mechanism, Strengthening methods

Date: 8/20/2010

The mechanical principle of the strengthened RC beams with CFRPs are discussed by the principle of force method.The results show that sticking CFRPs to strengthen the RC structure can improve the RC structure performance under loading and upgrade the total stiffness and the load-bearing strength of the RC structure.The failure mode and influencing factors of RC beams under blast loading are analyzed.And the antiknock and strengthening methods of RC beams are obtained.
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