Characteristics and Applications of Nano Micro-bead(N-MB)


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Title: Characteristics and Applications of Nano Micro-bead(N-MB)

Author(s): Naiqian Feng and Hao Li

Publication: China Concrete and Cement Products


Issue: No.5 2010(Total 175)

Appears on pages(s): 1-3

Keywords: Nano micro-bead,High performance concrete,Ultra-high performance concrete,Application

Date: 10/20/2010

Nano micro-bead(N-MB) is a superfine glass bead from the smoke discharged by coal station,whose average particle size is ≦1.0μm.The surface of N-MB is vitreous body,which shows spherical.The mixed water for concrete can be reduced and the fluidity of concrete is increased when the N-MB is partly instead of cement and added into concrete.The strength and durability of the concrete will be increased by using the N-MB for concrete.And the N-MB is one new component in concrete low carbon technology.The applica-tion of N-MB is introduced in the high performance concrete and ultra-high performance concrete.
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