Delamination of thin bonded cement-based overlays: analytical analysis


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Title: Delamination of thin bonded cement-based overlays: analytical analysis

Author(s): Q.T. Tran, A. Toumi, A. Truatsinze

Publication: RILEM

Volume: 44

Issue: 1

Appears on pages(s): 43-51

Keywords: Repairs, Interface, Durability, Thin bonded overlays, Debonding, Interlocking, Analyical approach

Date: 1/1/2011

This paper deals with an analytical approach for the prediction of debonding initiation between cement-based overlay and old concrete substrate under monotonous mechanical loading. Based on the linear elastic fracture mechanics, an available analytical model has been used. The calculations take into account the interlocking between two crack surfaces in the overlay. To validate the model, three point static bending tests on composite specimens were carried out. Assuming that the debonding initiation just occurs after the crack cutting the overlay layer reaches the overlay–substrate interface, the stress intensity factor of the debonding tip can be calculated, allowing prediction of stress fields near the interface debonding tip. Then with a criterion of debonding initiation and propagation depending on the interface tensile strength, the load associated could be determined and might be interesting for the design of thin bonded cement-based overlays. The adequateness of this analytical approach was verified by both experimental data and finite element calculations.

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