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Title: 211.2-98: Standard Practice for Selecting Proportions for Structural Lightweight Concrete (Reapproved 2004)

Author(s): ACI Committee 211

Publication: Technical Documents



Appears on pages(s): 20

Keywords: absorption; adsorption; air content; air entrainment; cement content; coarse aggregate; fine aggregate; fineness modulus; grading; lightweight aggregate; mixture proportioning; moisture; slump test; specific gravity factor.

Date: 3/1/1998


Note: 211.2-98 is Out of Print. However, a PDF version is available.

This standard describes, with examples, two methods for proportioning and adjusting proportions of structural grade concrete containing lightweight aggregates. The weight (pycnometer) method uses a specific gravity factor determined by a displacement pycnometer test on the aggregates (Method 1). The weight method also employs the specific gravity factor to estimate the weight per yd3 of the fresh concrete. The damp, loose volume method uses the cement content-strength relationship for the design of all lightweight and sand lightweight concrete (Method 2). Examples are given for systematic calculation of batch weights; effective displaced volumes; and adjustment to compensate for changes in aggregate moisture content; aggregate proportions; cement content; slump, air content, or both.


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